• Metal Fittings

    The metal fittings used in Dove & Olive include the standard shape that has been passed down through the ages and the original shape.

  • Leather

    The material used by Dove & Olive is leather, which is prone to stains and scratches. However, the more you use it, the less noticeable the scratches will be, and the more you care for it, the deeper it will become and the more beautiful it will become.

  • Leather making

    When the leather overlaps or is sewn back, add some effort to the thick leather for each part to get a good finish.

  • About Mold

    At Dove & Olive, we make molds when we receive orders for 10 or more new products.

  • Tools: Knives for Leather

    Bag production begins with cutting. If the cutting is successful, the next process will also be successful and you will be able to make a good-finished bag.

  • Hand-sewing with Needles

    Needles are used properly according to the thickness, material, thread thickness, and expression of the leather.

  • Hand-sewing Thread

    Many polyester yarns are untwisted, and it took seven years to find a twisted yarn. I'm still looking for a good hand-sewn thread.

  • Packing

    This is the production we do when we finally send out the product. All tape edges have been slightly helicopted to make it easier for the recipient to open the gum tape. As with the product, we consider ease of use.

  • Production Record

    For the exhibition at Kurashiki Design this time, small pieces of the materials used on a daily basis are joined together and remade into a single piece of fabric to create a product. The accidental pattern makes a bag that looks good.


Notes about our recent work and events