• Workshop

    SNS is very convenient because you can catch wonderful information from all over the world while you are at home. But at the same time, why are you tired?

  • 2020

    Dove & Olive is committed to providing you with even more joy and excitement. Thank you for supporting our activities!

  • Italian Leather

    I think that the things that have been used are beautiful. It swallows scratches and stains, and the more you use it, the more delicious it becomes. The leather we use is a material that answers that question.

  • Metal Fittings

    The metal fittings used in Dove & Olive include the standard shape that has been passed down through the ages and the original shape.

  • Leather

    The material used by Dove & Olive is leather, which is prone to stains and scratches. However, the more you use it, the less noticeable the scratches will be, and the more you care for it, the deeper it will become and the more beautiful it will become.

  • Digital Gauge

    When making a bag or wallet, the leather is partially thinned to make it, and at that time it is a tool that measures at 1/100 mm.

  • 8th Workshop

    A workshop will be held in the space behind the esthetic salon "Lumier Paris" on the 6th floor to coincide with the exhibition at the cabinet atelier.

  • About Development

    Dove & Olive has done a lot of development. Easy-to-use wallets didn't exist 10 years ago, easy-to-use business card holders didn't exist 10 years ago, no tote bags were easy to carry on shoulders, Dove & Olive Was first developed.

  • 7th Workshop

    Dove & Olive will have a workshop on August 3rd at 3pm at PIENI DEUX. Capacity: 8 people

  • Iron

    When using hemp dough, water it once to close the eyes.

  • Workshop #6

    For our 6th Workshop we will make cases for glasses, on May 25th and 26th, 2019 at "store room" in Niigata

  • Leather making

    When the leather overlaps or is sewn back, add some effort to the thick leather for each part to get a good finish.


Notes about our recent work and events