• Leather

    Dove & amp; Olive uses leather, which is easily stained and scratched.
    However, the more you use it, the less noticeable the scratches will be, and the more you care for it, the deeper it will become and the more beautiful it will become.

    The fact that the material can be burned, that it decomposes and returns to the soil,
    I think that this functionality is a very important factor for the present and the next society.

    Dove & amp; Olive wants to think of a society that is not just disposable, and
    we would like to work together with our customers to create environmentally friendly products.

    We will take care of stains and scratches as individuality and accept them.
    It decomposes and becomes the source of the next energy.
    It's a very difficult challenge, but
    I think there is a beautiful landscape ahead.

  • Journal

    Notes about our recent work and events