A rich life with handmade goods.

Dove & Olive textures

Dove & Olive is a leather goods manufacturer in Kurashiki City, Okayama prefecture.

Our motto is "healing people and the earth through manufacturing and contributing to peace."

The brand name Dove & Olive is derived from the symbol of peace, a dove with olive leaves.

This dove with olives appeared in the Old Testament and informed Noah that the flood was over, so it is a congratulatory sign of peace and good news.

We named it because we hope that our leather products will be a talisman for our customers and help them to be happy.

Dove & Olive
Dove & Olive Dove & Olive

"Dove & Olive's products are collaboration works"

Dove & Olive's products have life.

A Tuscan tanner uses traditional methods to produce a piece of leather.

A craftsman creates beautiful iron objects from paper molds.

A Dove & Olive craftsman transforms leather into bags and wallets by hand.

Dove & Olive

Dove & Olive

Dove & Olive shop staff present attractive products.

Through time and use, our products become precious things for our customers.

Through the collaboration of all of us, Dove & Olive's products have life.

Dove & Olive
Dove & Olive

Dove & Olive's Origin

Our founder, Hajime Ono, who likes making things, created a canvas bag to carry and sell paintings when he was a student.

That is the origin of Dove & Olive.

From there, Ono learned manufacturing from leather from vocational schools, bag wholesalers, and downtown craftsmen.

In 2007, he founded Dove & Olive as a company that makes and sells leather goods.

Dove & Olive
Dove & Olive

Dove & Olive Philosophy

"We will pour our hearts into every product, for every customer."

With this philosophy in mind, we are creating everyday, while aiming for the happiness of the people who will own our goods.

Dove & Olive

Dove & Olive