• 8th Workshop

    [Meeting time / place]

    August 24-25

    LACHIC 6th floor, 3-6-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya

    To coincide with the exhibition at the Cabinet Atelier

    ・ In the space behind the 6th floor esthetic salon "Lumier Paris"

    We will hold a workshop.


    We will manufacture belts and coin cases.

    [School timetable]

    ・ 11:50: Student entry

    ・ 12:00: Start (Part 1: 2 hours belt making)

    ・ 14:00: Break (10 minutes)

    ・ 14:10: Start (Part 2: Making a coin case for 2 hours)

    ・ 16:00: Break (10 minutes)

    ・ 16:10: Start (Part 3: Making a coin case for 2 hours)

    ・ 18:00: End (with extended supplementary lessons)


    ・ Apron or clothes that can get dirty.

    ・ Writing tools

    ・ Because we will do detailed work, please be sure to bring glasses if you have them.

    ・ Although we have a break, it is okay to have drinks.


    A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged from 19th (Monday), one week before the event. (Transfer)


    Before the event: shop@cabinet-style.jp (cabinet atelier)

    On the day: 052-259-6526 (cabinet atelier)

  • Journal

    Notes about our recent work and events