• Metal Fittings

    The metal fittings used in Dove & amp; Olive include the standard shape that has been passed down through the ages and the original shape.

    The standard metal fittings have a clean and lean shape.

    The original metal fittings are commissioned by two artists whose main business is jewelry production.

    One person is also provided with jewelry to the famous Maison participating in the Tokyo collection. Male writers, studios, appearances of writers, and finished metal fittings all have a unique atmosphere. Silver has been given his discerning ante processing.

    The other is a woman who usually makes jewelry with stones, and a writer who is good at detailed work and delicate and precise metal fittings. It always finishes unreasonable orders in an elegant atmosphere.

    We will continue to increase it little by little. Please enjoy the difference in the atmosphere of the metal fittings. that's all.

    It is the shape of a female writer's metal fittings.

  • Journal

    Notes about our recent work and events