• About Development

    Dove & amp; Olive has done a lot of development.

    Easy-to-use wallets didn't exist 10 years ago,

    Easy-to-use business card holders didn't exist 10 years ago,

    There was no tote bag that was easy for people with shoulders to carry,

    First developed by Dove & amp; Olive.

    And I'm always thinking about improving existing items.

    It's not work anymore.

    It's just a habit.

    It's just curiosity.

    This power has always been the power to move us Dove & amp; Olive forward.

    "Why? Why?" Is always in my head, with the excitement that makes my life comfortable.

    Dove & amp; Olive's concept "Heal the earth, heal people through the bag."

    We are moving to a place where development should be aimed.

  • Journal

    Notes about our recent work and events