• Hand-sewing Thread

    The threads used in Dove & amp; Olive have always been looking for the best for our customers for 13 years.
    Until 2016, hemp thread was used, but due to the large number of repairs and the beautiful aging of leather, he continued to see the hemp thread becoming ragged. I decided to use strong polyester so that I could use it daily without worrying about it.
    Many polyester yarns are untwisted, and it took seven years to find a twisted yarn.
    I'm still looking for a good hand-sewn thread.

    Chinois made in France is used for specially requested products. It is a thread that is famous for being used in Hermes, etc.
    It is a high-class hand-sewn thread that costs more than 5,000 yen per roll.
    I am grateful that I can now easily buy it online.
    The Chinois pincushion sticker is cute.
    You can also attach it to leather products with a white bond as shown in the second photo.
    If you wish, please email me, there are 3 sheets.

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