• Tools: Knives for Leather

    Bag production begins with cutting.
    If the cutting is successful, the next process will be successful, and
    a good-finished bag will be completed.

    For that reason, at Dove & amp; Olive, we try to sharpen the knives we use.
    For us, Knife Lab is one of the most important things.

    There are three stages of sharpening: rough sharpening, medium sharpening, and finishing sharpening.
    A kitchen knife that is about 5 cm long will be about 2 cm in a few years.

    Leather knives are refined by combining steel and soft iron.

    If you sharpen it cleanly, a blade pattern like a Japanese sword will appear.

    Japanese technology born from delicate values ​​and ease of use.

    When I was a student, my seniors often checked me if I was sharpening knives.
    I was fortunate to learn how important it is to sharpen knives when I was young.

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