• Hand-sewing with Needles

    Needles are used properly according to the thickness, material, thread thickness, and expression of the leather.

    First from the left: Used when sewing needles for rake stitches and box-shaped 90-degree leather.
    Second from the left: Very fine needles, which are as fuzzy as gusset needles. They are not sold in Japan and I purchase needles from overseas.
    Used for items that require delicate expression.
    The hole for inserting the thread is also very thin and requires advanced technology.
    3rd and 4th from the left: General needles sold by handicraft shops, shorter needles are easier to use and more frequently used.
    Since the material of the part where the thread is inserted is thin, it is a needle that is easy for beginners to use.
    Fifth from the left: Used when sewing thick thread needles, prickly stitches, or sewn edges with leather straps.

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