Leather Care / How to care for our products.

Italian leather

-The Italian leather used in Dove & Olive originally contains plenty of oil. "About 8 months" after purchase is an important time for oil to penetrate into the leather. If other oils are added during this period, the natural oils of the leather will not penetrate and the natural aging may be impaired. Please refrain from using waterproof sprays as well as oils and creams. The abundant oil contained in the leather itself makes the scratches on the surface less noticeable.

-If you use it for "about 8 months", the leather surface will become glossy, the oil content inside will decrease by that amount, and scratches on the surface will gradually begin to remain. Let's give oil at that timing. By adding oil, the glossiness will increase and the color will become deeper.
After applying once, please use "2 months" as a guide. By repeating maintenance, the leather will be polished and can be used for a long time.

・ With repeated use, oil will permeate, giving a glossy appearance and improving the color. If it is used infrequently, it will not change over time and will remain dull and dull, so please use it a lot.

We hope you enjoy using it for a long time while enjoying the growth and maintenance time of leather.

* Please note that this maintenance method is for Dove & Olive products only and may not apply to leather products of other companies.


Nume leather

Unlike Italian leather, Nume leather does not contain much oil, so we recommend oil maintenance once every three months when using it. By applying oil regularly, the surface of Nume leather becomes glossier and the color changes over time to a darker candy color.









An explanation of how to protect your leather product, about coloration, scratches and what to do when it gets wet.

Leather Care
We will introduce how to care for your leather product for long-term use.

After Supports
Part of your product will inevitably weaken from everyday use. We will carefully repair your product in our workshop.