Attention / Precautions for use

Italian leather

All Italian leather is tanned with only vegetable tannins, and the leather is heavily oiled during the tanning process. Therefore, for about one year from the beginning of use, moisturizing and maintenance with leather cream and oil are basically unnecessary during use. The oil originally contained in the leather is enough to make it glossy. If other oils are added while the leather is naturally aging, the original oil of the leather will not penetrate and there is a risk of impairing the aging. Also, please refrain from using waterproof spray as it can be the cause.

Nume leather

Nume leather is leather made only with tannin tanning. Since it is not dyed or painted, scratches and stains may be seen on the leather itself, but it also becomes darker on the surface of the leather due to aging and gradually becomes less noticeable, so don't worry. Please use it. We also recommend that you refrain from using waterproof sprays so that you can enjoy the natural changes over time.

Dove & Olive's leather products will become glossier and darker as you continue to use them every day, showing various expressions. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy the change over time, so if you use it infrequently, the growth of the leather will stop.

And there are various ways of changing depending on how you use it, so each one has a different personality. Each person who has that personality has different enjoyment. Please touch a lot in your daily life and enjoy your own aging.

Aging photo

↓ (Italian leather: Pueblo)


Unused-> about 6 months later


Unused-> about 6 months later


Unused-> about 6 months later

Preservation method

Italian leather

Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for a long time. Please note that the leather may get sunburned and fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time. Also, if clothes or fabrics that contain a lot of water come into contact with the leather for a long time, the leather may get wet and water stains may form on the surface of the leather, so please be careful.

Nume leather

Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for a long time. Please note that the leather may get sunburned and fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time. In addition, Nume leather is particularly vulnerable to water compared to Italian leather, and if stored in a hot and humid place, mold may grow, so please be careful to avoid places with high humidity or high humidity.

Color transfer

Italian leather

The Italian leather used in Dove & Olive is not dyed to allow you to enjoy the natural texture of the leather. Therefore, when you start using the product (the leather is new) or when you use the leather product when the clothing you are wearing is wet due to rain, etc., the dyeing of the leather may be transferred to the clothing.

In addition, the color transfer to clothing may differ slightly depending on the color of the leather.
(Example) When wearing a pure white cotton shirt ...
Beige: There is almost no color transfer to clothing due to the light color.
CamelBrown: Color transfer may occur slightly lightly on areas where there is strong friction between leather and clothing. In this case, if you wash your hands with a general laundry detergent, the dyeing will be removed to some extent and it will not be noticeable.
Black: The dyeing method is different from other leathers, and it has a pigment finish. Therefore, the part where the friction between the leather and the clothes is strong is easy to transfer color, and it may be difficult to remove it even if you wash it by hand with a general laundry detergent, so be careful especially when wearing white clothes. Please turn it on. If the color is transferred, send it out for cleaning, or if it is white clothes, wash it with bleach to some extent and it will not be noticeable.

Nume leather

When wearing clothes that easily discolor (denims, dyed clothes, etc.), if you use Nume leather with the clothes still in a new state (freshly grated), it will be different from the clothes that occur at the time of use. The color of clothing dye may transfer to the surface of the leather due to rubbing. If the color is transferred to the leather, the dyeing may not be removed depending on the situation, so please be careful about the clothes you wear when using Nume leather. If you are concerned about color transfer, please feel free to contact us.

About scratches

Italian leather / Nume leather
There are scratches during use.
Depending on how the scratches are made and the type of scratches, there are differences in what disappears over time and what tends to remain.

Momentary scratches(Relatively light objects such as scratched with nails or rubbed against the wall):
Oil permeates the leather due to the friction of the hands that occurs during use, and as it changes over time, the scratches become familiar and become inconspicuous at a relatively early stage. Please use it a lot without worrying about scratches. At this time, please use without applying leather cream or oil.



About a week later

About a week later

Scratches with strong damage to leather(Dents, scratches, deep scratches, etc. that are made when hard objects are pressed against the surface of leather for a long time):
Unlike scratches, the scratched area remains darker in color. These scratches also become less noticeable as they age, but it takes time to disappear. The time it takes to disappear depends on how the scratches are made, but the color of the leather will become darker over time, so please use it repeatedly until the color of the scratches and the surface of the leather are the same. The scratches become less noticeable.

(Product-U5K. Camel)

About 6 months later

About 6 months later

How the scratches disappear depends on the changes over time. There is a difference in how the scratches remain between the parts that you touch often and the parts that you do not touch very much. It is best to touch a lot in order to erase the scratches quickly. Also, there is no need to apply leather care cream or oil immediately after the scratch. The scratches fade during the natural aging process, so adding excess oil to the leather on the way may impair the natural aging process. If you have any other concerns about scratches, please feel free to contact us.

Adhesion of water and liquids

Italian leather / Nume leather

Please refer to this as a reference for first aid in the event of water stains or oil stains on food.

A small amount of water such as raindrops on the surface of the leatherIf it gets stuck, wipe it off gently with a dry towel. Be careful not to rub the surface strongly at this time. There is no problem if you wipe off a little water lightly.

A large amount of water on the surface of the leatherIf it gets stuck, wipe it off with a dry towel as soon as possible. Be careful not to rub the surface strongly at this time. After wiping off the water, dry it thoroughly in the shade. If left wet, water stains may remain on the surface.

* Countermeasures when water stain marks are a concern
First, moisten and squeeze a towel (cotton material) and wipe the entire surface of the leather evenly. At this time, do not rub the surface strongly, but wipe it gently. (Be careful to eliminate the difference in color between the wet and dry areas.) After that, dry thoroughly in the shade. Some water stains may remain even after it dries, but the color of the leather will become darker and less noticeable over time, so please use it as it is without worrying about it.

Juice, tea, alcohol, etc.As for the adhesion of the colored liquid, wipe it off immediately after adhesion without rubbing with a dry towel. Even if it is a colored liquid, if you wipe it off before it soaks into the leather, there will be no problem of stains.

Oil (edible, fuel, etc.)Please note that even if you wipe it off, it may remain as a stain immediately. If it adheres, wipe it off with a dry towel or tissue without rubbing. In this case, the stains may become lighter and less noticeable in the process of aging depending on the degree of adhesion and the color of the leather, but if you are concerned about the stains, please feel free to contact us.

Click here for a sample photo of oil stains ↓

(From left: Beige, Brown, Camel, Black)

Leather: Surface

Leather: back side


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