TRP Travel Bag
TRP Travel Bag
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TRP Travel Bag

Dove & Olive
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"I like the classical design that appears in British movies and dramas."

Our TRP Travel Bag is an item devised based on a British canvas bag made in the early 19th century. While retaining the classical elements, we have reduced the ruggedness and arranged it so that it is easy for people of smaller stature to use. It's nice to have a cushion on the belt so that you don't have any pain when you put it on your shoulder. If you like the classic British style, you should definitely pick up this one.


— the lightly-rounded classic design makes it easy for people of smaller stature to use
— since the belt has a cushion, there is less pain even if you put it on your shoulder
— the chic black version can be used not only for travel but also for work

Commitment to craft

— inspired by a bag made in England in the early 19th century
— while retaining the classical elements such as the shape of the leather at the four corners, the ruggedness is reduced to make it more modern
— we reduced the weight of the bag itself by reducing the number of metal fittings for belt fastening
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Product Information

Colors (fabric):
— camel
— brown
— black

Size: 50cm width, 17cm depth, 30cm height

Material: Italian leather, cotton linen

Cleaning method

- maintenance with leather cream or oil is basically unnecessary for about one year from the beginning of use.

- after using the product for one year, the oil soaked in the leather will gradually start to dry. If the surface feels a little dry, add more oil.

- once the new oil is applied, you can use the product for another year.

Detailed care information

About aging, storage methods, discoloration, scratches


Dove & Olive provides maintenance services so that you can enjoy your products for a long time after purchase.

details about repair


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