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"The wrap-around pen case is cool but difficult to use!"

Our CE Pen Case was born from such thoughts. The appeal of this pen case is that it's designed to fit in your hand and easy to carry. Also, because it's self-supporting, it doesn't take up space even if it's placed on a desk. If you use a pen case that has both functionality and design, your daily work will be more enjoyable!


- the casual feeling of wrapping the string around is cool!
- it's easy to use, as it's designed to fit in your hand
- it's also used by creatives

Commitment to craft

- born with the image of a pen case used by Van Gogh
- the four corners of the pen case and the stitches on the cover are handsewn

Product Information

— camel
— brown
— black
— beige

Size: 20cm width, 2.5cm depth, 5cm height

Material: Italian leather

Cleaning method

- maintenance with leather cream or oil is basically unnecessary for about one year from the beginning of use.

- after using the product for one year, the oil soaked in the leather will gradually start to dry. If the surface feels a little dry, add more oil.

- once the new oil is applied, you can use the product for another year.

Detailed care information

About aging, storage methods, discoloration, scracthes


Dove & Olive provides maintenance services so that you can enjoy your products for a long time after purchase.

details about repair


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mail: info@dove-olive.com

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