3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet
3W Long Wallet

3W Long Wallet

Dove & Olive
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If it's difficult to pull out bills from a wallet, it will be a problem when paying. The 3W Long Wallet is a high-capacity storage vessel with many pockets.

When you open the wallet, the wallet opens wide. This part is typically a sewed-in bag at both ends. Because we sew both ends into a ring and fasten with metal fittings in the middle, the bills are easy to take out. This is a mechanism that can only be done by craftspersons. You don't have to be frustrated when paying anymore.


— since the wallet opens wide, it's easy to take out bills
— with a large coin case, it's easy to put in and take out coins
— it's the first long wallet made by Dove & Olive in 2007, which is still popular today
— especially the camel color allows you to enjoy contrast between the leather and stitches

Commitment to craft

— since its release, it has been manufactured while continuous improvements little by little
— the outer stitch is handsewn
— the custom-made hook designed by a jewelry artist is a Dove & Olive original
please enlarge the image to see it more clearly

Product Information

— camel
— brown
— black
— beige

Size: 19cm width, 4.5cm depth, 9cm height

Material: Italian leather

Cleaning method

- maintenance with leather cream or oil is basically unnecessary for about one year from the beginning of use.

- after using the product for one year, the oil soaked in the leather will gradually start to dry. If the surface feels a little dry, add more oil.

- once the new oil is applied, you can use the product for another year.

Detailed care information

About aging, storage methods, discoloration, scracthes


Dove & Olive provides maintenance services so that you can enjoy your products for a long time after purchase.

details about repair


TEL: 090-2005-2826

mail: info@dove-olive.com

Open hours: Monday~Friday: 10:00~17:00